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Multimedia Water Filter System

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Filter those have three media (Anthracite, quartz sand and garnet) is known as a multi-media filter. In this filter water process through multi-layer of media in which anthracite will be on top then quartz sand and garnet at the bottom with supporting by gravels, gravels & pebbles. Multi-stage filtration system filter out the large dirt particles at top and small at the bottom, depth filter bed allows more efficient particles removal.
Our simple but well-engineered media-based filter acclaims stringent design. High performance, less pressure drop across the bed, longevity, optimum utilization of surface area ensure us to gain more and more clients.


  • Available in vertical & horizontal
  • Designed to meet the stringent requirements of clients
  • Remove particles down to 15-20 micron.
  • Depth filtration principle.
  • Well-designed bed collection system.
  • Operate in optimum velocity require.
  • High removal of suspended solids.
  • The material of construction MS/FRP/MSRL/SS.
  • Designed as per ASME or IS.
  • Well-designed collection system.
  • Well-designed distribution system.
  • High-end water quality.


  • Water treatment plant.
  • Feedwater of RO plant.
  • Post-treatment of the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Pre-treatment of ion exchange based plant
  • Iron removal & fluoride removal.
  • Fountain, water bodies and swimming pool.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Gardening & water application.
  • River & lake water treatment.
  • Process water.