Ultra Sonic Flow Meter Hand Held

Ultra sonic flow meter can realize the flow of liquid, and it is not touch the liquid. The sensor just been installed on the pipe outer wall, than  it can finish the mwasurement of flow. Ultra sonic flow meter is designed to measure the fluid velocity of liquid in a full/closed pipe  application where non-invasive measurement of liquids is required. Benefited from our advance digital signal processing technology, the handheld flow meter works reliably in both clean and opaque liquid flow.  It is a handheld measurement system which is both easy to install and use.
Flow in the same direction takes less time to travel to the second transducer than does flow in the opposite direction.

Features and Benefits: 
  • Setup in five minutes or less.
  • Large screen LCD.
  • Built I data logger.
  • Designed to make it easy to take liquid flow measurements in the field.
  • Low maintenance, no moving parts, robust construction. High zero stability, nearly drift free.
  • Measures flow in ultrapure to extremely dirty liquids such as raw sewage and slurries.
  • Velocity, volumetric and energy flow rates.
  • Modular electronics enabling field upgrades.

Applications :

  • Water, including hot water, chilled water, city water sea water etc.
  • Sewage and drainage water with small particle quantity.
  • Oil, including crude oil, lubricating oil, Diesel oil, Fuel oil etc.
  • Chemicals, including alcohol, acids etc.
  • Beverage, Food Processors, Water and waste treatment.
  • Power Plants (Nuclear power plants, thermal & hydropower plants), hear energy boiler feed water.
  • Metallurgy and miming applications (e.g, acid recovery)
  • Pipeline leak detection, inspection, tracking and collection.
  • Energy measurement and balancing.
  • Network monitoring.

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