Water Flow Meter

Ultra Sonic Flow Meter Hand Held


Ultra sonic flow meter can realize the flow of liquid, and it is not touch the liquid. The sensor just been installed on the pipe outer wall, than  it can finish the mwasurement of flow. Ultra sonic flow meter is designed to measure the fluid velocity of liquid in a full/closed pipe  application where non-invasive measurement of liquids is required. Benefited from our advance digital signal processing technology, the handheld flow meter works reliably in both clean and opaque liquid flow.  It is a handheld measurement system which is both easy to install and use.
Flow in the same direction takes less time to travel to the second transducer than does flow in the opposite direction.

Features and Benefits: 
  • Setup in five minutes or less.
  • Large screen LCD.
  • Built I data logger.
  • Designed to make it easy to take liquid flow measurements in the field.
  • Low maintenance, no moving parts, robust construction. High zero stability, nearly drift free.
  • Measures flow in ultrapure to extremely dirty liquids such as raw sewage and slurries.
  • Velocity, volumetric and energy flow rates.
  • Modular electronics enabling field upgrades.

Applications :

  • Water, including hot water, chilled water, city water sea water etc.
  • Sewage and drainage water with small particle quantity.
  • Oil, including crude oil, lubricating oil, Diesel oil, Fuel oil etc.
  • Chemicals, including alcohol, acids etc.
  • Beverage, Food Processors, Water and waste treatment.
  • Power Plants (Nuclear power plants, thermal & hydropower plants), hear energy boiler feed water.
  • Metallurgy and miming applications (e.g, acid recovery)
  • Pipeline leak detection, inspection, tracking and collection.
  • Energy measurement and balancing.
  • Network monitoring.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Wall Mounted


We have attained wide acceptance in the market by manufacturing and supplying Wall Mounted Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter. Our offered meters are well known for their high accuracy and precise control system,  capabilities for accurate liquid flow measurement from outside of a pipe, hence are intensely used as permanent mounting of flow measurement in industries.
It utilizes state-of-the-art technologies in ultrasonic transmission /receiving, digital signal processing and transit-time measurement. The proprietary signal quality tracking and self-adapting technologies allow the system to optimally adapt to different pipe materials automatically.
These meters are offered to our estimable customers in varied specifications as per their requirements at equitable price range.

Features and Benefits: 
  • Cost effective,Versatile and Excellent performance.
  • Non invasive, No moving parts, No pressure drop, No maintenance.
  • Bi-directional measurement. Totalizer display for net, positive and negative flow.
  • Ideal for both clean and opaque liquid flow measurement.
  • High accuracy 1.0% reading.
  • Wide measurement range 0 ~ 12m/s.

Applications :

  • Ultrasonic Clamp-on or Insertion
  • Power Supply: 230VAC or 24 VDC
  • Chemical, Petrochemical and Process Industries
  • Water and waste water management
  • Paper, Pulp, Food and Drug Industries

Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Electromagnetic flow transmetters specially used for Various Industrial Applications. These flow Transmetters Accurately measures the flow rate of conductive liquids of slurries in close pipes. Due to simple & rigid Design, the flow transmetter in an obstruction less & maintenance free instrument in place of conventional Mechanical flow Measuring Device.
The obstruction to the flow is almost nil and therefore this type of meters can be used for measuring heavy suspensions, including mud, sewage and wood pulp.
The used of 'Pulsed DC' Technology offers highest Ability & Better Measuring Accuracy in from of Electrical Signal 4-20 mA DC Linerly Proportional to Volumetric Flow. The Instrument is best of Faraday's law of Electro-magnetic field generates a voltage that is Proportional to the flow Velocity. Corresponding Electrical output is provided With Respect to Measuring Voltage

Features and Benefits: 
  • Suitable for Conductive liquid.
  • Absolutely Maintenance free.
  • Full bore type.
  • Local Indication through LCD.
  • Simple & Cost Effective Construction.
  • Outstanding Accuracy.
  • Flow Mesurement in forward & Reverse Direction on demand.
  • Empty pipe Indication on demand.
  • Material options depending opon Process data.
  • Universal Power supply.
  • Communication port on demand.
  • Mounting - In line (Horizontal & Vertical).

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