Ultra filtration (UF) Plants

We are engaged in manufacturing and offering a broad range of ultra filtration water treatment plants which is used to purify water by removing suspended solids, colloids and bacterial elements. These plants are operated by using membranes which make them useful for purifying the contaminated water. We are the prominent manufacturer & supplier of superior quality ultra filtration plants which are very effective for separating suspended solids, colloids, bacteria and virus. In this range of filtration plants, we use membranes with the pore size between 1-100nm which become very effective in filtering the water from impure materials and other harmful minerals.

Ultra filtration system can be used both in pretreatment and post treatment process. These can be available in different lph/hr. These work on cross flow filtration principle and are designed to achieve around 95% recoveries by separating fine physical particulates like SDI, suspended solids or Colloidal silica that are harmful to RO membranes which are used in the next following water treatment operation. As an advanced technology used for removal of microbial count, the system proposed come with best inputs that allow these to deliver optimum functionality standards.

Features and Benefits: 
  • Compact units with robust mild steel powder coated frames.
  • Range of models and capacities.
  • Built in safety features for protecting high pressure pump membranes.
  • Fully assembled and tested before dispatch.
  • On-line device for monitoring treated water quality.

Applications :

  • Removal of suspended solids, bacteria, all particulate matter, viruses.
  • Removal of colloidal material.
  • Removal of high molecular weight organic.
  • In providing hygienic drinking water to hotels, restaurants, hospitals and residence areas.
  • Meeting water purity standards as required in hospitals for use in dialysis units.

Advantages :

  • Economical & efficient way of removing dissolved solids.
  • Easy to startup and use.
  • Can handle fluctuation of total dissolved solids removal.
  • Easy availability of spares and service.

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