Multi Effect Evaporators

Multi-Effect Evaporation is an important procedure adopted to economize the consumption of energy. The Multi Effect Evaporators are designed to economize the consumption of energy. These are designed in such a way that the steam from an outside source is condensed in the heating element of first effect. Further for second effect the boiling temperature of first effect is just too high that evaporated water can serve as the heating medium. The formed vapors than send to condenser, if it is the double effect evaporator. OR

An evaporator is essentially a heat exchanger in which a liquid is boiled to give a vapour, so that it is also, simultaneously, a low pressure steam generator. It may be possible to make use of this, to treat an evaporator as a low pressure boiler, and to make use of the steam thus produced for further heating in another following evaporator called another effect.

But in the multi effect evaporators, the feed is generally transferred from the one effect to another, which leads to ultimate product concentration which further reaches to one effect of evaporator

Features and Benefits: 
  • Efficiently uses heat from steam to evaporate water.
  • Uses distillation process.
  • Used for concentration of liquids in the form of solutions.

Applications :

  • Sugar beet factories
  • Pharmaceutical industries

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