Water Meter

A water meter is a device that measures the amount of water being used by a consumer. Most developed countries use water meters to measure the volume of water used by a commercial or residential building. They can also be used at a well, water source or water system to determine the flow of water via a specific portion of the system.

Water flows through the meter’s strainer and into the measuring chamber where it drives the
piston. The hydro-dynamically balanced piston oscillates around a central hub, guided by the division plate. A drive magnet transmits the motion of the piston to a driven magnet located within the hermetically sealed register. The driven magnet is connected to the
register gear train. It reduces the piston oscillations into volume totalization units displayed on the register dial face. The register dial face has 8 odometer wheels for totalizing flow.


  • It detects water leaks in the distribution network
  • It identifies potential well, pump or irrigation system problems
  • It determines efficiency of a water plant for supplying water.

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