Ultra Violet System

Ultra Violet(UV) radiation can be used as a pre-treatment or polishing step to sterilize and disinfect water. UV systems are typically used to pre-treat a water supply that is considered biologically unsafe (lake or sea water, well water treatment, etc). The UV disinfection process is a non-chemical method for destroying microorganisms by altering their genetic material, and rendering them unable to reproduce. UV water systems are ideal for well water purification and treatment along with municipal water supplies because clear water doesn’t mean safe water.

Ensure your water is safe with ultraviolet (UV) water purification and disinfection. Ultraviolet systems use UV light to produce purified water for the entire house. Without adding or taking anything away from water, UV disinfection is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to remove 99.99% of harmful waterborne microorganisms. We’re a proud supplier of exceptional ultraviolet brands including Viqua and Pura.

In Quartz UV System, UV Lamp covered with quartz glass that is submerged in the water. Water comes from inlet, flows over the quartz glass tube and goes out. In the process ultraviolet rays pass through water and disinfect it.

Features and Benefits: 
  • Shop with us today to enjoy safe water without the use of chemicals

Advantages :

  • No known toxic or significant nontoxic byproduct.
  • No danger of overdosing .
  • Does not require storage of hazardous material .
  • Adds no smell to the final water product.
  • Requires very little contact time .

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